HWL expands capacities

Now with new large facility for Plasma nitriding

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Induction hardening

Induction hardening means heating and subsequent quenching of workpieces using an alternating magnetic field. The attainable case hardness depth is a function of the frequency of the magnetic field's change in direction. Thermal treatment is performed on CNC-controlled thermal treatment facilities, which ensures exact reproducibility of the processes.

Partial hardening of components is possible.

One speciality of HWL Löttechnik is the CNC-controlled hardening of cam tracks.induction hardening

Capacity, sizes

Components with dimensions of up to 1100mm length, diameter up to 400mm

Application fields:

shafts, gearwheels, tracks, travel wheels. Especially suited for carbon steels like Ck45, C 35, 42CrMo4